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Pigeon Mini Vegetable and Fruits Chopper (Green, 400 ml)


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Product Description

If you are looking for a handy and compact chopper to chop vegetables and fruits effortlessly, then the Pigeon Mini Vegetable and Fruits Chopper is the perfect choice for you. This chopper has a unique string function that allows you to chop with ease, without using any electricity. It is made from unbreakable ABS plastic and has sturdy stainless steel blades that can cut through any kind of vegetable or fruit. The chopper has a capacity of 400 ml, which is ideal for small kitchens. It is also easy to clean, as it can be opened and detached easily. The Pigeon Mini Vegetable and Fruits Chopper is a great addition to your kitchen, as it saves you time and energy, and helps you prepare delicious dishes in no time. Order yours today from Freeecoupons and get the best deals and discounts.

From the manufacturer

Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

If you are in search of a fast and convenient method to dice your vegetables and fruits, search no more! The Pigeon New Handy Chopper is an ideal and budget-friendly option that caters to all your chopping requirements!

Mini Chopper Features

Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 1Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 2Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 3
Crafted using durable ABS material, this design ensures exceptional performance that withstands the test of time.The effortless cutting of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed with the three stainless steel chopping blades, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.The BPA plastic that is designated as food grade is suitable for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Mini Chopper Features

Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 5Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 6Pigeon Vegetable Chopper 7
The chopper can be easily disassembled and cleaned within minutes due to its simple and distinctive design.This manual vegetable chopper effortlessly and efficiently chops and cuts vegetables, making the process hassle-free and requiring minimal effort.The operation is simple to use as it necessitates pulling the string, thereby activating the chopping process.

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