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70mai Pro Plus A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Camera with GPS


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Product Description

Introducing the 70mai Pro Plus A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Camera with GPS – your reliable companion for both day and night driving. This state-of-the-art Car Dash Camera is designed to provide high-quality, crystal clear images and videos in various lighting conditions.

The 70mai Pro Plus Car Dash Camera features a 1944P 2.5K Front & 1080P FHD Rear camera, equipped with 6 lenses and an F1.8 aperture. The camera boasts a 140° wide-angle view that adjusts exposure and captures more detail both in darkness or strong light, producing super clear and vibrant images.

The 2″ IPS screen allows you to view your recordings with ease. The F1.8 aperture 140° wide FOV (Field of View) with 6 layers of lenses effectively enhances image/video brightness and reduces blind spots, ensuring no detail is missed.

For maximized safety, the 70mai Dash Cam A500S comes with built-in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This modern AI-powered technology provides lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and more to safeguard your daily trips.

In case of any collision or crash, the built-in G-Sensor technology automatically saves footage in emergency events. The 70mai Dash Cam A500S auto-locks the real-time video segments and prevents them from being deleted or overwritten, providing you with crucial evidence when needed.

Stay connected with the 70mai official mobile app. Connect to the app via Wi-Fi to operate your 70mai Dash Cam A500S directly on your phone. Watch live streaming view, replay, or download recorded footage whenever and wherever you want them. The app supports iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and above.

Experience the future of driving safety with the 70mai Pro Plus A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Camera with GPS. It’s not just a dash camera, it’s your driving companion.

From the brand

70mai story

logo 70maiWith in-house R&D department and award-winning industrial designers, 70mai Dash Cam is strongly competitive in both software and hardware capabilities, driving it to become an industry-leading provider for auto intelligence solutions.70mai has a proven track record of creating quality, innovative products, and serving the diverse needs of drivers in various countries,including North America, Europe, Asia and counting.brand leadership 70maicustomer care

    Product Description


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    Important Notes:

    • After successful hardwiring, A500S will supports both event parking monitoring & time-lapse photography.
    • Time-Lapse Photography is enabled for front camera only. Rear cam will record only events in parking.
    • The GPS Module is present inside the main dashcam body. It won’t come separately.
    • 70mai A500S Dash Cam will not support VOICE CONTROL.
    • The in-built GPS Module is a logger and NOT a tracker. You cannot monitor your car location sitting at your home.
    • The dashcam can get significantly hot during operation. It is absolutely normal behaviour due to powerful processor inside.

    Key Features

    high resolutionsony sensor3d DNR
    1944P Front & 1080P Rear RecordingWith super high resolution, record stunning visuals anytime and anywhere, capturing details of your travel routes, without missing any wonderfulness during the journey.5MP Sony IMX335 Sensor & Dual-Core ProcessorThe dash cam is equipped with the SONY IMX335 image sensor, making it an extraordinary camera for your recording. With Sony IMX335 high sensitivity image sensor, 6-glass lens, and F/1.8 aperture, the dash cam effectively capturing the clarity of images even in dim light.3D-DNR, WDR & Superior Night Vision3D DNR and WDR significantly improve image clarity by reducing noise and adjusting exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments. F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes.

    Advanced Features

    gps inbuiltroute trackeradas
    In-Built GPS – Fast & Reliable GPS LockBuilt-in GPS logger is more reliable, secure and provided a stable GPS connectivity. With the built-in GPS logger, the dash cam monitor and displays trip data including time, speed(km/h, mph), and coordinates in the recorded videos crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.See Full Driving Route Taken (No Remote View)You can view your driving route and speed using the 70mai App once the vehicle is back from the trip. Please note that this data can only be synchronized when you are in your car, you cannot view the location of car remotely.Advanced Driver Assistant SystemEquip your car with Advanced Driver Assistant System and get alerts to keep driving even safer.Lane Departure Warning: Real-time alert warns you when veering off the lane.Forward Collision Warning: Help you keep a safe distance from the front vehicle.

    Unlock New Features

    parking modebattery protectionAPP CONTROL
    Time-Lapse Continuous Parking ModeThe dashcam can record in time lapse for the front camera in parking mode. However, the dashcam must be hardwired to achieve this function.Low Battery Protection FunctionFor vehicle battery discharge protection, it has an intelligent SAFE GUARD function that automatically shuts down dashcam when the voltage falls below preset level. This keeps the car battery safe and protected.App Control70mai APP supports both IOS & Android systems, allowing you to view and download HD video through Wi-Fi in real time. Also, lock emergency video to “Event File” to prevent an overwrite.

    Important Tips & Optional Accessories

    memory card 128gbhardwirecpl
    Recommended Micro SD Cards OnlyWe suggest purchasing recommended Micro SD Cards Only (32 GB, 64GB or 128 GB)SAMSUNG EVO PLUS A1/A2SAMSUNG PRO PLUS A2SAMSUNG PRO ULTIMATE A2STRONTIUM NITRO A1WESTERN DIGITAL WD PURPLE QD101Please avoid using any other memory card apart from those suggested aboveHardwire Kit for Parking MonitoringPlease buy 70mai Hardwire Kit if you want parking monitoring with 70mai DashCam Pro Plus+ A500S.It will support both event based & time lapse recording in parking. Time-Lapse is enabled for front camera only.CPL Filter to Remove Dashboard GlareThe CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) is used to reduce reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces that can otherwise damage image quality, this works in the same way as a high end polarized sunglasses. Please buy it separately by searching “CPL filter for 70mai A500S” on Amazon.

    70mai A500S Long-Term Review – World’s Best-Selling Dual-Channel Dash Cam!

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