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CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Fly Killer Machine for Home Kitchen Kids Bedroom Eco-Friendly Indoor Outdoor Restaurants Office LED Light (Grey)


Product Description

Introducing the CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp, a highly effective Insect Fly Killer Machine designed for home use. This eco-friendly device is perfect for indoor spaces such as kitchens, kids’ bedrooms, restaurants, and offices. Its sleek grey design adds a modern touch to any decor.

The CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is an effective zapper that works by attracting a wide range of flying nuisances including mosquitoes, flies, bugs, moths, fruit flies, wasps, bees, and other insects. It operates through two specially designed bulbs that lure these pests, providing a high-pressure solution to keep your home free from nuisance.

One of the standout features of this Killer Machine for Home is its versatility in placement. It comes with a chain and two metal grommets, making it easy to install. It can be hung on any hook or placed on a work surface, table, or even on the floor in an area of concern. It’s usually best to hang it in a high place for optimal effectiveness.

This device is safe and secure for use in various indoor environments including living rooms, factories, food stores, butcher warehouses, hospitals, commercial spaces, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses, and retail stores. Please note that it is not suitable for outdoor use as the zapper is not waterproof.

The CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is incredibly easy to use. Just connect it and allow it to perform its tasks. It operates without the need for smelly, nasty sprays, making it a good choice for indoor zapping. It adopts a fully-wrapped design and does not have a bug collection tray, so you’ll need to remove the protective net to clean it.

Safety is a top priority with this device. The outside mesh keeps humans and pets from touching the internal metal grids with high voltage. There are no fumes, no smell, no sprays, no mess, and no chemicals involved in the process, protecting your family from insect bother in a safe way.

Cleaning is a breeze with the CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp. A removable and washable tray is located at the base of the zapper to gather deceased insects. The high voltage metal grid can be cleaned with a suitable brush. Please remember to unplug the zapper before cleaning.

In conclusion, the CITRODA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp is a powerful and safe solution for keeping your indoor spaces free from flying pests. Its ease of use, safety features, and easy cleaning make it a top choice for any home or business. Experience the difference today with this effective Insect Fly Killer Machine.

Technical Details

Style‎Electric Trap
Product Dimensions‎9.3L x 12.2W x 2.4H Centimeters
Number of Pieces‎1
Recommended Uses For Product‎Indoor
Is Electric‎Yes
Target Species‎Fly, Mosquito, Gnat
Country of Origin‎India
Item model number‎Fly Insect Killer Machine for Home

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