Product Description

Introducing the Durex Play Kit – Sugar Rush, a tantalizing assortment designed to add a rush of sweetness to your intimate moments. Elevate your nights with the Sugar Love Box from Durex, curated to ignite the flame of passion and romance.

Indulge in the Sugar Rush experience with a thoughtfully crafted Sugar Combo, including:

  • Mutual Climax (Pack of 10) condoms for mutual pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Invisible Condoms (Pack of 3) for a barely-there feel, ensuring uninterrupted intimacy.
  • Extra Thin (Pack of 3) condoms for heightened sensitivity and maximum pleasure.
  • Extra Time (Pack of 3) condoms to prolong the pleasure and extend the ecstasy.
  • Saucy Strawberry Lube for a deliciously sweet and smooth sensation.
  • Blindfold to enhance anticipation and heighten sensory experiences.
  • Adult Play Cards for spontaneous and playful adventures in the bedroom.

Each component of the Sugar Rush Kit is meticulously selected to enhance your intimate moments and celebrate the special connection you share with your partner. Whether you whisper sweet nothings or let passion take the lead, the Sugar Rush Kit promises to take you both on a pleasure-filled journey.

Experience the thrill of the Sugar Rush and transform your nights into unforgettable experiences of passion and desire. Shop now on Freeecoupons and indulge in the ultimate treat for you and your partner.

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