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Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron 25 cm Pre-seasoned Dosa Tawa Pan


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Product Description

The Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron 25 cm Pre-seasoned Dosa Tawa Pan is a premium quality product available on Amazon. This pre-seasoned cookware is induction friendly and has a thickness of 3.8 mm. It comes with a lifetime exchange warranty, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

This Wonderchef Dosa Tawa Pan is designed for traditional slow-cooking, enhancing the flavors of your food. It’s perfect for making dosas, chillas, parathas, and even more indulgent dishes like crepes and pancakes.

The pan is pre-seasoned with plant oil, allowing direct contact of iron with food, which can contribute to your daily iron intake. It’s made from cast iron, known for its durability and excellent heat distribution.

This Wonderchef Dosa Tawa Pan is compatible with both smooth surface induction and gas stoves. It’s also oven safe, offering you versatility in your cooking.

The pan is black in color and has a capacity of 0.5 litres. It weighs 1920 grams, making it sturdy and stable on your stove.

In terms of care, this Wonderchef Dosa Tawa Pan is freezer safe, making it easy to store leftovers directly in the pan.

In conclusion, the Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron 25 cm Dosa Tawa Pan is a great addition to any kitchen. Its versatility, durability, and high-quality construction make it a must-have for those who love cooking.

Product Description

Traditional FlavoursVariety of DishesDurabilitySlow Cooking
Traditional FlavoursFood prepared in Forza cast-iron pre- seasoned dosa tawa will give the authentic traditional taste to your cooking. Indian cooking is always packed with flavours and cast-iron helps to enhance those flavors.Variety of DishesForza Dosa Tawa is suited for age-old home-style cooking and even for exotic foods. Prepare health meals for your family like the dosas, chillas, parathas, or something more indulgent like crepes and pancakes in the Forza Dosa Tawa.DurabilityCast-iron is very strong and sturdy. It will last you a lifetime, indestructible cookware!Slow CookingIt is most suitable for Indian old style slow-cooking, seals all the moisture for tender and aromatic food.
Superior Quality & FinishHealth BenefitsRetention & Even Transfer of HeatSafe for all cooking surfaces
Superior Quality & FinishWonderchef gives a constant and smooth finish without any rough edges in our Cast-iron cookware, which is otherwise difficult to achieve. This is possible only because of our high quality casts and precision engineering.Health BenefitsForza Cast-iron tawa is pre- seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. This allows the iron to be in direct contact with your food, giving you healthy dose of essential Iron ions every day!After using, just wipe with a little oil to keep them rust-free.Retention & Even Transfer of HeatHeavy material retains & transfers heat evenly for the best Biryanis, Dum dishes, Koftas, and Curries. This also tenderizes meat and softens tough root vegetables. We have specially designed Forza to ensure it is not as heavy as other Cast-iron cookware, and is easy to pick up and use.Safe for all cooking surfacesIt can be used on all cooking surfaces – stove top, induction and oven. When using it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surface, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface. It is oven, grill & freezer safe.
Silicon HandleUse-and-CareHow to SeasonReliable-Service-icon
Silicon SleeveForza cookware comes with heat-resistant silicon sleeve to protect the hands from hot handle of the pans. These are also anti-slip and easy to clean.Use and Care1. You can wash the Forza cast-iron pre-seasoned dosa tawa and start using it immediately.2. Wash under water with a soft sponge.3. Once it is clean, dry the tawa completely before storing it. This will prevent rusting of iron.How to Season1. Forza cast-iron is pre- seasoned. But if you need to season it again with time, then first wash it in warm water, heat the tawa on medium flame for 2 – 3 mins.2. Then apply cooking oil & leave it for 6 – 8 hours.3. Heat again for 5 mins on medium flame and then store it in a dry place.Reliable Wonderchef ServiceWe are confident of our quality. In case of any manufacturing defect found within the service period, we shall get it resolved immediately

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